Knights Wood Sculpture Installation

This week I installed the sculpture for Knights Wood with fabricators ArcFab. The material is Bead Blasted Stainless Steel, it stands about 2.8 meters high at the focal point of a long shallow water feature. Once it is paved in I'll get some final pics.

The pattern is based on a Penrose Tile grid (chosen for its fractal nature), the cutout shapes are all leaves, cones and other natural forms collected from the local woodland. To accompany the sculpture I am running a series of creative workshops with Year 2 students from Skinners Kent Primary School which is adjacent to the site.

Atomic Fever at Blickachsen

This week I am installing my new 'Atomic Fever' sculpture in a large Silver Poplar tree in a beautiful park in Bad Homburg. These pics are from day 1, today we constructed and positioned the core structure, which amounts to approx 30% of the finished piece, I have two more days to finish off. Hope the sun keeps shining.

The Blickachsen installation team are doing an excellent job, thanks everyone...

Fever if you live and learn

My latest Fever installation is now in position in a big old Ash tree at Burghley House, Stamford. The exhibition will open in May, details to follow.

Fever, Image by Michael Shaw, 2016

Fever, Image by Michael Shaw, 2016

Fever, Image by Michael Shaw, 2016

Fever, Image by Michael Shaw, 2016

'Away' at Broomhill Sands complete

At last the sculptures at Broomhill are all done and signed off, access to the whole sea defence is now open to all so come along and have a look, it's an amazing piece of engineering to construct something on this scale (the sea defence not my sculptures). The project team worked on the scheme for over 70 weeks, with approximately 80 people involved continuously. The sculptures feel very at home here and have immediately been scrambled all over by visiting kids.

For more info and images of the Away project Click Here

Final inspection

Final inspection

Broomhill Sands

Another site visit today, all three sculptures are standing, this one has the shingle bank filled in around it. There are a few snagging issues to resolve, but we will hopefully be complete next week.

Working in public

I have a talk coming up next month in Lewes, I'll be talking about making art in the public realm, from getting commissions to working with developers and local councils.