Exhibition at the William Benington Gallery

19 May - 30 June - 2016

20 Arlington Way, Islington, London, EC1R 1UY, United Kingdom


The works in Element take as their starting point the Diamond Cubic; a repeated pattern of eight atoms that can be adopted by carbon based elements, and the rhomboid crystal structures they form as they solidify. Each sculpture in the show corresponds with the lines laid down by the Diamond Cubic, they all consist of a specific set of relationships between angles, lengths and vectors.

To create these specific forms, Nash works through a process of subtraction, or removal of imagined mass.  Envisaging the Diamond Cubic as a grid, extending out from the sculptures flowing over and through the walls and floors of the gallery, he then works backwards – in much the same way as a stone carver – to reveal the shape of the sculpture inside. Each artwork is therefore in essence cut out from an endless grid, which is revealed by a series of steps – following, and sometimes breaking his own set of rules. 

These complex, highly ordered and elegant sculptures are the artist’s attempt to explore, and wonder at how the world that surrounds us is put together.