Fever When You Hold Me Tight


Powder Coated Steel

Dimensions 3x3x3m


‘Fever When You Hold Me Tight’ is a cubic lattice constructed around and supported, by the twin trunks of an Ash tree at the Sculptural15 exhibition with the William Bennington Gallery at Coombe Trenchard House in Devon, UK.

The arrangement of the cubes is dictated by the positions of the various branches, and the need for the structure to brace and balance itself within the tree. The white grid superimposes itself into the environment, both caging and framing the host tree, the tree and the structure work together, both physically and metaphorically. It is also about man imposing an order on nature and nature fighting back with its own order.

“The effect of the work’s stark white surface, and uncompromising linear geometry set against the lush green, provides the feeling of a superimposed drawing – when seen from afar. This sense of unreality pervaded, until countered by our experience of the structure up close, where a multitude of viewpoints triggered its powerful physical presence and complex spatial journey. Yet any impression is temporal, as the work is ever-changing through the seasons.” 3rd Dimension (PMSA) magazine