Field Notes Exhibition at Warnham

Warnham Nature Reserve Art Project, part of Horsham District Year of Culture

Warnham Nature Reserve is the result of human endeavour.  The landscape was shaped by the iron industry, the millpond was created to provide power for a blast furnace which was active until around the mid 1600s. Later in the same century a flour mill was built which used an enlarged millpond as the source of power.  As these uses came to an end, nature took over, the wildlife moved back in and today the reserve is a managed environment looked after by the District Council.  The reserve is now an important resource for wildlife and for humans seeking peace and quiet and moments of reflection.

 The project will bring the written and spoken word and sculptural forms into the reserve to celebrate and continue the evolution of the reserve in new ways.

Tanya Shadrick, has been our writer in residence for a few days to start the process and to weave new words. Visitors are invited to take part in creative writing both in the reserve and later using social media.  Tanya has worked with visitors to the reserve last summer and this year with children from Northolmes Primary School.

 The artist Will Nash is inspired by the reserve, by the environment within, with its own community, infrastructures and customs. He describes the reserve as being like an outdoor gallery or a museum, where the exhibits are the precious living fragments that constantly evolve, and the remnants of past human activities.  Nash will be working with salvaged materials to create permanent artworks.  The sculptures have an ecological theme forming structures relating to micro-organisms, or structures that form habitats.

The exhibition of Haiku and proposed sculptures is at Warnham Nature Reserve until 24th April.