Noisy Table


Touring Project

Noisy Table is part of the FACT Connects programme, which is committed to reaching out to local artists, musicians, organisations and independent businesses, allowing their presence to be felt in the FACT building.

Created by artist Will Nash, Noisy Table is programmed with a library of digital instruments and samples. The vibrations created when the ball hits the table are turned into sounds, which are then broadcast live back into the game. Buttons at either end of the table allow players to scroll through the library and change the sounds.

Nash describes Noisy Table as "an alter-table-tennis experience" that breaks down traditional barriers of art. He says: "People can feel intimidated when they are asked to join in by an artist, but they don't even think about that with table tennis. They just pick up the bat and start playing."

Noisy Table is a table tennis instrument hybrid, first shown at The Public in West Bromwich in 2012. Playing the table triggers electronic surround sounds reminiscent of early arcade shoot'em'up's and pinball machines, the result is a hypnotic new alter-table-tennis experience, as much about the manipulation of sound as it is about winning the game.

"The table is set up as an intense Futurists journey through electronic sound, the tempo of the triggered sequences is dictated by the speed of the rally, maintaining a rally will introduce new audio directions through instruments and samples."

Noisy Table is an ongoing, open source collaboration developed by the artist Will Nash, and engineer, Jason Hotchkiss. Approaches are welcome for further collaboration from anyone interested in composing new sounds or visuals, alternative programming, or exhibiting Noisy Table. To contact us email

Noisy Table is supported by Dunlop Table Tennis and funded by Arts Council England.