Noisy Table 2.0


Touring Project

The Noisy Table project has grown from a fairly simple analogue version created by Will Nash for the 2011 Vintage festival at the Southbank in London into a sophisticated interactive audio visual experience. Versions of Noisy Table have been played in galleries across the UK by over a hundred thousand people and many people have contributed time and energy to creating and refining the various elements that go together to make it all work. The version shown here at Lightbox is the first one with responsive graphics. If you are interested in creating sounds or graphics for Noisy Table 2.0 please get in touch by email –

Artist - Will Nash
Engineering - Jason Hotchkiss
Sound Design - Martin Gritton
Sound Patches - Chris Keifer and students from the Digital Music and Sound Design BAhons at the University of Brighton.
Sensing - Based on PingPong++, a Tangible Media Group project from 1998, PingPong++ was redesigned by Xiao Xiao and Michael Bernstein in spring 2010.
Film by Gavin Peacock