Oak, Steel, Shingle, Apple Trees
20m x 30m
Swale Park, Whitstable, Kent


Canterbury City Council, working with the developer Weston Homes, commissioned the artist Will Nash to create a landscape artwork for the Swale Park residential development in Whitstable.

The intention of the project is to create a useful social space where residents of Swale Park will be able to relax and play, somewhere to sit and chat, perhaps have a picnic or a barbecue.

The main feature of the installation is a long low tessellating oak and steel structure designed to act as both seating and creative play area.

A stormwater hollow was re-shaped and filled in, a "water attenuation" system was installed to collect and disperse the water below ground level this replaces the drainage function of the deep hollow. The base of the hollow has become a safe and dry space for children and adults to walk around and play in.

The third element of the project is a small apple orchard planted around the parquet deck. There are 13 trees, including 12 different varieties. A local cider producer has taken on the future maintenance of the trees in exchange for harvesting the fruit that the residents do not pick for local cider production.