Space Hopper Pyramid


Jubilee Square, Brighton

For the 2007 Brighton Festival Will Nash and Jon Buck, with the assistance of a number of Brighton University Design students, constructed the worlds biggest (and probably only) Space Hopper Pyramid.

The pyramid was built for the Bounce your Balls for Cancer campaign to raise some money for testicular cancer charities, and encourage more men to bounce their balls!

The equilateral  pyramid stood 4.8 meters high, it was built in a little under two hours, using a light steel frame to secure the base, the upper hoppers were tied together into groups of three and built up as nested blocks from above using a cherry picker. We used a total of 298 Space Hoppers. Once the pyramid was completed we gathered together all the volunteers for a bouncing group photo, as we were hopping up and down for the press photographers; a huge gust of wind blew the top of the pyramid off! The job was done, it took us another two hours to knock it all down, deflate the hoppers, and tidy away.

It was a memorable day, to design and build something that big and silly takes a lot of planning and a large number of dedicated people. We hope to encourage pyramid builders everywhere.