Tipped Discs


Dressed Sandstone Walling, Turf

Dimensions 7x7x0.8m

Client: Countryside Properties ltd


Tipped Discs consists of three crescents formed by slanting three concentric truncated cones so that they appear to wrap around each other as they emerge from, or submerge into, the earth. The result is a carefully balanced set of turfed slopes retained by sweeping sandstone walls; to be interacted with by young children and adults as an informal folly for lounging, clambering and rolling.

The sloping walls are made from locally sourced sandstone, dressed by Traditional Stone a local firm of expert stonemasons

The Tipped Discs were constructed on site by Global Gardens

Bridging the Gap combines several different installations by two different artists across a large new housing development near Horsham.

Will Nash has installed three different stone elements across the Wickhurst Green development site.

Each one is inspired by evidence of extensive settlement across the ages (going back as far as the Mesolithic period), discovered during the archaeological investigations carried out during the early phases of the new development by Archaeology South East  (ASE) for Countryside Properties.

To develop ideas for the project Will Nash collaborated with ASE and Hands on History (experimental archaeologists) to work with 80 students from Shelley Primary School in Broadbridge Heath, activities included: The handling and evaluation of artefacts found during the archaeological survey, Stone Age hunting, gathering and cooking, Iron Age battle tactics, and Neolithic fauna sculpture workshops.