Tri Helix


Chestnut Rails, Stainless Steel

Dimensions 2.8 x 4m

Client: Warnham Nature Reserve,

Funding: Horsham District Council, Arts Council England


The Tri-helix sculpture is a triple helix formed by joining three equal ‘rails’ of cleaved chestnut to make an equilateral triangle, then attaching another identical triangle to the first, the second triangle is rotated on the central axis of the triangle by 6°. This was repeated 24 times to create the Tri-Helix. The complexity that emerges from these simple steps invites consideration of the dynamic forms created in nature by the process of repetition.

In its woodland setting the Tri-Helix has the presence of a mystical beast, it was inspired by the illustrations of Diatoms and other microscopic creatures by Ernst Haeckel (1834-1915), a German Naturalist and artist who discovered and illustrated thousands of species.

The Tri Helix was built by Will Nash with staff from Warnham Nature Reserve and volunteers from the Horsham Green Gym, an independent volunteer nature conservation group run by its members, with support from Horsham District Council.