You Are Here


Painted Steel, Multi Media Signage
The Regis School & Southway School, Bognor Regis


Will Nash was commissioned by Impact Art & West Sussex County Council to develop a welcome and Wayfinding project for a new campus, consisting of two new schools – Southway Primary and The Regis School. Working in collaboration with students from the two schools across the whole site during the build phase, Nash developed a scheme that spans from tiny enamel door signs to the two steel Chevron sculptures that stand in front of each school. The largest sculpture weighs over 2 tons.

The ‘Wayfinding’ theme was chosen to consider the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.

The project brief stipulated that the results, in and around the two schools, must reflect the difference in scale and user, yet share a common thread. Furthermore it should consider the specific needs, context and age ranges within the two new buildings and develop appropriate work in consultation with the schools and their wider communities.

The arrow shape is the common thread, woven through the Sculptures and Signs; it appears everywhere, including the main entrance signs, pictograms, room numbers, area/year identity graphics and murals, direction signs inside and across the campus between the schools.