You Give Me Fever


Art, Cities and Landscape exhibition
Amiens, Hortillonnages
Powder Coated Steel Tube, Plastic Tube Connectors
4.8m x 2.4m

Originally inspired by a book describing a tree as ‘a tall scaffold on which to hang its, leaves, its flowers and its fruit’ You Give me Fever is a cubic lattice containing 62 identical cubes. The three dimensional geometry is drawn from a two-dimensional diamond pattern found in one of the leaded windows in Amiens Cathedral.

Conceived as a lightweight steel structure that has the capacity to form itself in the manner of a crystal, adding layers to fill the space, competing with other organisms and enveloping its surroundings in the manner of a vine.

The exhibition Art, Cities and Landscape is located in a very special area called the Hortillonnages, also known as the Floating Gardens of Amiens, it covers an area of 300 hectares divided up by 65 km of canals. There are numerous examples in the hortillonnages of neglected buildings being colonised, and eventually crushed by nature. With You Give Me Fever a viral architectural geometry is striking back at nature.

Inspiration: Trees, Hugh Johnson, 1984 & Fever in Urbicand (La Fievre d’Urbicande), François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters, 1985